RhythmiKidz. Hand drum rhythm patterns and activities for kids.RhythmiKidz

by Kenne Thomas
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Farm In The City kids program at Concordia University, St. Paul, MN

"I did the whole RhythmKidz book and I was taken away with the teaching method... What a great way to teach! I am also going to use this with adults..."

    Cheri Bunker
    HealthRHYTHMS Facilitator

Nurturing young players is an effort Kenne has an intuitive focus on. His newest book, RhythmiKidz, is a manual on rhythmic study for elementary age children with patterns, rhythmic rhymes and activities to enrich young players performance skills and appreciation of drumming. It continues rhythmic activities and facilitation presented in his earlier book Drum Circle Cookbook with more easy playable rhythms and vocalized patterns.

Excerpt from the Preface:

Kids learn by doing. This book is written to help kids learn how to play, and enjoy playing a hand drum in a class or other group activity. The extended function of the pieces presented within these pages is to form cooperative associations, peer relationships and partner interaction. Although the book itself is written with the teacher, group leader or facilitator in mind the patterns, songs and chants can be done by appropriate level kids themselves without guidance.

Many of these pieces are arrangements, recreations and short vignettes of known structures designed to create pattern and rhythmic awareness as well as be fun activities.The pieces have been tested in elementary, middle school and high school settings. Titles are noted in the Contents with suggested grade levels, [K - 8] in which kids may achieve the best satisfaction and musical success. Some levels of kid's groups may find an abbreviated effort of a piece more doable. Full and extended versions of pieces may benefit and challenge higher level youth.

Many hand drum patterns in this book can be mixed and matched with others to create multi-tonal rhythmic combinations which can be used for a variety of areas. Some are playable on Paddle Drums, especially suited for young kids. Children's music textbooks offer a tremendous array of colloquial, international and multicultural songs and activities which drumming can support. Finding areas that would be enriched by the rhythm of a hand drum is not too difficult. Many songs beg for some rhythmic support. It is just up to the instructor to provide that resource.

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  • Rhythmic pieces with a vocal and easy method for pattern recognition.
  • Rhythm patterns to support elementary school music program text material.
  • Ethnic flavored rhythm pieces for cultural awareness and enjoyment.
  • Percussion parts for Paddle Drums, Bells, Shakers, and Rhythm Sticks included for groups and ensembles.

RhythmiKidz Selected Pages

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