Drum Circle, Recipes for Group Drumming Fun.

Drum Circles

by Kenne Thomas
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Adult Drum Circle, Wayzata, MN

This is a collection of works, pieces for hand drum players in community groups, percussion ensembles, or other drum gatherings. Although the pieces are original, the ethnicity of many patterns may be apparent as some constructions are derived from cultural and historical precedent. Played in combinations, the included drum parts, identical but entering on different sub-beat locations, are designed to be tonally melodic.

Excerpt from the Foreword

"While adhering to the basic universal principles of hand drumming, Kenne Thomas has created a whole rhythm book of interactive drum circle pieces that are easy to learn, fun to play and sound great. Any drum circle group can use these rhythms to generate a deeper understanding of the type of listening and playing dynamics that is essential in creating a well connected rhythm song."
Arthur Hull
Village Music Circles

Each piece contains patterns where the resonance of the drums used presents the melody. The drums themselves determine which pitches are present in the group's melody. Any sized drum circle can enjoy the rhythmic and melodic interplay. Click here to view selected pages from the book.

  • Drum patterns in three and four parts for groups of hand drummers.
  • Rhythm patterns appropriate for adult groups as well as youth gatherings.
  • International, World Beat focus with rhythms from around the world.
  • Rhythmic bell and bass drum patterns included for ensemble support and group resource.

Drum Circles Selected Pages

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Drum Circles
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