Drums From A Small Planet

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Drums From A Small Planet

Hi kids! Are you ready to answer a few questions about music? This quiz is SmartBoard ready! Press a button next to the letter for an answer you think is right. You can check your choice right away in the box. Your total can be seen at the bottom of the quiz. Good luck and enjoy all of la musica del mundo.

Question 1
What makes the sound from a piano?
A. Strings
B. Keys
C. Wooden frame

Question 2
When was Rock and Roll started?
A. 1950's
B. 19th Century
C. 1970's

Question 3
How do you play a Xylophone?
A. On a stand
B. Around the neck
C. Kneeling on the floor
D. All of the above

Question 4
What were the first drumsticks probably made from?
A. animal bones
B. rocks
C. tree branches

Question 5
Which one of these is used as a musical instrument?
A. Frying pan
B. Spoon
C. Wash tub
D, All of them

You answered out of the 5 questions correct. Congratulations

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