Rhythm Studies for Zills, Sagat and Riqq. With detailed raqS performance information and Raq Reference Guide. ZILLIA

by Kenne Thomas
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Binding:Spiral bound for easy stand layout
Pages:110 with hand position photographs and instrument illustrations
Size:8 1/2" X 11" / 21.6 cm X 27.9 cm
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This newest book by author Kenne Thomas, is volume two from the comprehensive Middle Eastern rhythm study text, "ANTHOLOGIA." Vol One covers the nuances and intricacies of dumbek drumming. This book is a collection of rhythms for zills and riqq to be used in instrumental and dance ensembles. Included are Ten Essential dumbek Iqa'at, the rhythmic modes of Middle Eastern drumming for dance performance. Raq cultural information and artistic details are included in this educational volume.
Foreword written by Iranian tombaknavaz, Mr. Peyman Nasehpour.

Excerpt from the Foreword:

The present book is definitely one of the best books on dumbek and Middle Eastern rhythm cycles. It covers many different topics from the finger patterns of dumbek playing to the etymology of the different names of the genres of goblet drums. A must for the lovers of Middle East music and dance.
Peyman Nasehpour

Excerpt from the Preface:

Within these pages is a cultural snapshot, a rhythmic portrait of the people and the musical legacy we have been fortunate to witness. The history of our advancement as humans has many episodes which unite us as a people and celebrations worldwide share in many common vehicles. Drumming being one such conduit, along with dance gives a means of expression to people of many nationalities. With this book it is my hope to inspire percussionists and others to be enlightened about the humanity of man through the richness of music, the animation of dance and the vibrant rhythmic currents which flow beneath us all.
Kenne Thomas

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  • Authentic Rhythms of al Andalus, the Balkans, Persia, the Maghreb, the Levant.
  • Ten Essential Dumbek Rhythm Patterns (Iqa'at)
  • Zills /Sagat, (Finger Cymbals) technique and rhythms for Takht (Inst. music ensembles) and Raqs (Dance) use.
  • Riqq techniques and patterns for Takht (Inst. music ensemble) RaqS (Dance), and Taqsim (improvised soloing).
  • Raqs al-Sharqi; Middle Eastern dance styles, descriptions and cultural reference guide.
  • Recommended recordings list of dumbek, zills, riqq and belly dance performance music.

ZILLIA Sample Pages

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ZILLIA book page 30 Essential Dumbek Rhythms.ZILLIA book page 39 Zill notation and patterns.
ZILLIA book page 48 Zill Illustrations.ZILLIA book page 66 Riqq notation and patterns.

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