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Editor's Selection
Mainichi Daily News
Osaka, Japan
March 17, (Sun) 1985
Basket of petals
Season's first blossom
Full fragrance
Red Weather
Moorhead State University
Literary Magazine
Spring 1995 No. 14
The sound of footseps
Of the little child walking
In the silent rain
Glass wind chimes
In the cool mountain breeze
The village far below

夏のよに - natsu no yo ni - on a summer night
せみのこえ - semi no koe - cicadas chirping
鯉のぼり - koinobori - carp streamers flying
めい日の出 - mei hinode - the bright sun
雲はあれど - kumo wa aredo - peering through the clouds
朝さむや - asasamu ya - morning's breeze
あ きはじめ - aki hajime - The start of autumn
れきにまるかな - reki ni maru kana - circled on my calendar
なつのそら - natsu no sora - the skies of summer

Kenneth Thomas, the author of this collection of haiku, is an educator, music researcher and author of numerous performance educational books and articles. Graduated from Moorhead State University, in Minnesota, Kenneth lived in Japan for more than twelve years where he was a teacher and performing musician. He studied wadaiko, in Japan with taiko drummer and instructor, Sato Ryuji. As a musician he has performed around the world.
Kenneth studied drum history and construction at Bando Taiko Factory, in Osaka, Japan and was a member of the taiko group, IKAZUCHI, in Osaka. He studied Nihongo at Osaka Language Institute receiving his Japan national language certificate in 1993. His haiku books, "SUNLIGHT ON ICE" , "At The Edge Of Time" and "The Forest Awakes" are now available on Amazon.com, for Kindle and at Barnes&Noble.com for NOOK eReaders. He has had his haiku published in Japan by the “Mainichi Daily Newspaper” and in the literary magazine, “Red Weather,” published by Moorhead State University. He taught Japanese language at Harding High School, in St. Paul, Minnesota. He is the teacher advisor for the Japanese Club at Roseville High School and teaches Japanese language for the Community Education programs in Roseville and North St. Paul, MN. As an educator in Minnesota Kenneth also facilitates his "Drums From A Small Planet" workshops and clinics, at schools, institutions, community centers and for civic organizations. Kenneth works extensively with children and teens, especially handicapped, disadvantaged and special needs youth.

Japanese Language Classes FALL 2013
Mr. Ken Thomas - Instructor
No. St. Paul/ Maplewood ISD 622
Tuesdays Sept. 24 - Dec. 10
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
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No. St. Paul/ Maplewood ISD 622
Saturdays Sept. 28 - Oct. 26
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Children's Japanese Culture Classes

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Roseville Area Schools ISD 623
Mondays Oct. 7 - Dec. 9
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
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